God So Loves Thailand

Sunday, July 22 we welcomed good friends and special guests David & Christine Anasco, missionaries to Thailand. As a community we are also talking about ways we can actively support the work God is doing around the globe! Below you’ll find some information about the Anascos and their ministry, as well as the country of Thailand where they minister so that you can be in prayer for the amazing work that God is doing. 

David and Christine Anasco have been missionaries with Go To Nations since 2003. The Anascos are blessed with four beautiful children, Eric, Faith, Daniel, and Gabriella

Ministered for 10 years in the Philippines.

  • Served street children and urban poor.
  • Built a thriving educational scholarship program and preschool for street children.
  • Taught in Bible schools throughout Southeast Asia.
  • Served as the Go To Nations Philippine Team Leaders.

Now in Thailand.

  • Currently the Go To Nations Thailand Team Leaders (the largest GTN Team on the field).
  • Ministering to women in the sex industry.
  • Teaching at Chiang Rai International Christian School.

Equipping and training missionaries.

  • Since 2008 directing the Timothy Internship Program, training future full-time missionaries.
  • Nearly 50% of all interns we trained are now on the mission field.