Get involved in Grow to both learn and experience the essentials of a vibrant life with God, the big story of God, the part we play in it, and the tools for spiritual growth. Look HERE for more details, and contact with any questions. Please bring a Bible, a pen, and a notebook.

The Grow Ministry aims to help Christians take the “next steps” of faith through teaching and discipleship. Have you recently accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and want to learn more about the foundations of the Christian life? Are you a seasoned Christian who has questions about the Bible, theology, or spiritual growth? Are you interested in an intentional Christian discipleship relationship or do you just need someone to talk to about a challenge you’re going through? If so, we’d love to meet you and get to know you.

Resources (Bible study)
(Christian bioethics and apologetics—the intellectual defense of the Christian faith)
(Christian apologetics)
(hot topics relevant to Christian singles and young adults)
(Christian media reviews)
(Christian views on top news stories)
(Bible study)

Capital Life Church does not necessarily endorse every word on these websites—they cover a vast amount of issues and reflect varying Christian perspectives—but these websites as a whole are extremely helpful and edifying.