Leadership Team

Jeffrey Abyad | Worship & Creative


Jeff’s been passionate about the Lord and felt called to a life of ministry from a very young age. He’s been leading worship services since his mid-teens. Musically, he began as a drummer long before picking up a guitar. The first band he was in was called, “Earth Evacuation”…no doubt as awesome as the name suggests. He’s also always loved acting, and if he had to pick a career outside of ministry, rumor is he’d love to be on a sitcom. He and his lovely wife Amanda went on their first date at senior prom, and have been married since 2005. They have four amazing kids!

Andy Rogers | Family Ministries


Andy has a passion to pass on the Good News of the Gospel to the next generation which also began in his early years. He started out as volunteer middle school youth group director at 17. He’s a graduate of George Mason University with a seminary degree from Regent University. He’s been a youth pastor for most of his ministry life but has also been a  worship pastor (singer, drummer & guitarist), and a lead pastor of a church plant. Andy met his wife Missy at a GMU college group ministry. They have been married for 26 years and they are loving every minute of it! Their three kids, Maggie, Justin, and Zach are all serving the Lord.

Jon McHatton | Pastoral Care


Jon & Kim McHatton have been married and in ministry for 40 years. Their life-long mission is to train, equip, mentor and empower people to fulfill their God given destiny to “do the work of the ministry, and to establish the kingdom of God in their homes, neighborhoods, community and nation.” They have established and pastored churches, and have extensive experience in biblical counseling, conflict resolution and compassionate collaboration. In addition to their church experience, they both have worked in government, nonprofit, and community outreach positions. Kim is a graduate of Christian International where they received their ordinations. The McHatton’s are parents to Misti, Jonathan and Matthew and grandparents to Lena Miller of Ben & Misti.

David Dehmlow | Building Management


With a background and education in both architecture and landscape architecture, David has developed a dedication to place-making. Abraham built altars, Isaac dug wells, Jacob set his tents, where and how has God called us to realize our stories? David and his faithful bride Katy picked up stakes in 2010, moving from Minnesota to the DC Metro Area along with their favorite (and only) child Annora. They joined Capital Life Church shortly afterward and eventually settled in Arlington, they are grateful for the remarkable faith-family and unremarkable winter weather they have found here.

Sassan Jahanian | Missions


Along with a variety of Capital Life missions trips, Sassan has had the opportunity to organize various adventures for Capital Life through the “Adventure Group”. They have been hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, swimming at the beach, and played paintball.  He enjoys getting people outside of the Northern Virginia bubble to do things they wouldn’t normally get to do.

Christina Tenney | Connections


Christina joined Capital Life Church in 2015 and knew right away she found her church home in the DMV. Moving to DC from Ohio in 2013, she’s used to being told she smiles a lot. Christina enjoys reading, exploring DC and the surrounding area, participating in bible study and women’s groups, and talking over coffee and scones at pretty much any local coffee shop. She loves getting to know other believers and is passionate about sharing testimonies of faith and making connections.

Nikki Brown | Outreach


Nikki Brown is currently working on her ministry project for a Doctorate Degree in Ministry from South University. She has been married for 12 years and has two children. Her ideology can be summed up in a quote by Martin Lither King Jr, “We are called to be a people of conviction not conformity; of moral nobility, not social respectability.”

Aubrie Shuler | Administrative Assistant


Aubrie recently joined the team after graduating from Liberty University with a degree in Strategic Communications. She has been a part of Capital Life Church since the beginning. Back in September 2011, she moved from Oklahoma to the D.C. Metro area with her family where her parents launched Capital Life Church. She is passionate about serving others, learning to love like Jesus, and living out the mission of Capital Life Church. When she isn’t answering emails or scheduling events for Capital Life, she loves to go plant shopping, read new books, make new friends, organize her Pinterest boards, and attempt to master the perfect latte at home!

Caitie Terry | Family Ministries Program Director


Rewind to 2002- Caitie began serving in children and youth ministry, which sparked a passion for equipping the next generation to not just merely pass through this world but to have the integrity and gumption to change it. She loves a good adventure, whether riding a snowboard down a mountain, hiking, kayaking, or camping with her furry best friend Lily; and in January 2014, she and her pup headed east from the beautiful state of New Mexico to begin the greatest adventure of her life. She started attending CLC in the early spring of 2016, and serving with Family Ministries that August. Her heart and her focus in all that she does can be summed up by a quote by C.S. Lewis, “Children are not distractions from more important work; they are the most important work.”

Adam Proveaux | Christ Centered Community (C3)


A California native, Adam moved to the DC area in 2015 to finish a graduate degree. Capital Life soon became his church home, and since then, his focus and passion have been to build up and encourage those in C3 – Capital Life’s ministry for young professionals. Whether hiking, biking or scuba diving, he also enjoys getting outside as often as possible, and welcomes fellow outdoor enthusiasts at CLC to join him!


Taylor Shuler | Administrative Assistant


Taylor recently attended and graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Communications. She is full of compassion and empathy towards those who suffer. With a strong desire to serve others, she has felt called to ministry for the past two years and is excited to fulfill God’s calling for her life. During Taylor’s free time, she enjoys writing and developing her personal blog. She also loves shopping for plants with her sisters and has been known to bring her sisters’ dead plants back to life.

Holly Hinojosa | Christ Centered Community (C3)


Holly joined Capital Life Church in 2016 after moving to the DMV from Wyoming and became involved in the Young Professionals ministry right away. Holly’s passionate about fostering Christ-Centered relationships and fellowship to encourage fellow believers. She enjoys fishing, camping, hiking–really anything outdoors–and traveling back to the Wyoming mountains.