Leadership Team

Jeffrey Abyad | Worship & Creative


Jeff’s been passionate about the Lord and felt called to a life of ministry from a very young age. He’s been leading worship services since his mid-teens. Musically, he began as a drummer long before picking up a guitar. The first band he was in was called, “Earth Evacuation”…no doubt as awesome as the name suggests. He’s also always loved acting, and if he had to pick a career outside of ministry, rumor is he’d love to be on a sitcom. He and his lovely wife Amanda went on their first date at senior prom, and have been married since 2005. They welcomed their fourth child in July of 2015.

Andy Rogers | Family Ministries


Andy has a passion to pass on the Good News of the Gospel to the next generation which also began in his early years. He started out as volunteer middle school youth group director at 17. He’s a graduate of George Mason University with a seminary degree from Regent University. He’s been a youth pastor for most of his ministry life but has also been a  worship pastor (singer, drummer & guitarist), and a lead pastor of a church plant. Andy met his wife Missy at a GMU college group ministry. They have been married for 26 years and they are loving every minute of it! Their three kids, Maggie, Justin, and Zach are all serving the Lord.

Jon McHatton | Pastoral Care


Jon & Kim McHatton have been married and in ministry for 40 years. Their life-long mission is to train, equip, mentor and empower people to fulfill their God given destiny to “do the work of the ministry, and to establish the kingdom of God in their homes, neighborhoods, community and nation.” They have established and pastored churches, and have extensive experience in biblical counseling, conflict resolution and compassionate collaboration. In addition to their church experience, they both have worked in government, nonprofit, and community outreach positions. Kim is a graduate of Christian International where they received their ordinations. The McHatton’s are parents to Misti, Jonathan and Matthew and grandparents to Lena Miller of Ben & Misti.

David Dehmlow | Building Management


With a background and education in both architecture and landscape architecture, David has developed a dedication to place-making. Abraham built altars, Isaac dug wells, Jacob set his tents, where and how has God called us to realize our stories? David and his faithful bride Katy picked up stakes in 2010, moving from Minnesota to the DC Metro Area along with their favorite (and only) child Annora. They joined Capital Life Church shortly afterward and eventually settled in Arlington, they are grateful for the remarkable faith-family and unremarkable winter weather they have found here.

David King | C3 (Young Professionals)


David is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in a loving Christian home. Between his bible teaching father and relentless praying mother he was presented the wonders of a life in Christ and His Kingdom at an early age. In 2011 he moved to the DC Metro area and joined Capital Life Church after only one visit! Since joining David has had the privilege of serving in many ministries from children’s, hospitality, Beyond Aquaintance, missions and many more! Unofficially he professes to be the “unofficial greeter” of Capital Life. David is a teacher at heart and loves learning from the scriptures. His passion is to see all people instructed and transformed by life giving ways of God. 

Katherine Pereira | C3 (Young Professionals)


As a native Colombian, Katherine was exposed to injustice and extreme social and economic inequalities, which sparked a desire in her to become politically involved in hopes of expanding opportunities for impoverished populations. As a Christian, she realized that her life’s calling to impact Latin America would only be fulfilled through faithful steps of obedience, coupled with constant prayer. As a millennial, Katherine would like to challenge her peers to pursue the Lord wholeheartedly in order to see His favor upon their personal and professional lives. As a woman, she seeks to motivate other women to serve and lead fearlessly. 

Brian and Malisa Payne | Local Outreach


Brian and Malisa are committed to building communities and sharing Christ’s love.  They moved to Washington DC and joined Capital Life Church in 2015. Malisa’s relationship with the homeless started in 2002 in Orlando, Florida.  Since their marriage in 2009, Brian has joined her in striving to fulfill Christ’s radical inclusiveness and provide for those in need.  After attending Cursillo/Walk to Emmaus in 2013, they became involved in Kairos prison ministry, bringing a revival program modeled on Cursillo into institutions. They feel called towards the unification and reconciliation of all people, seeing the image of God in, and experiencing the worth of every individual.  They have two spunky kids under the age of five who regularly serve alongside them.

Sassan Jahanian | Missions


Along with a variety of Capital Life missions trips, Sassan has had the opportunity to organize various adventures for Capital Life through the “Adventure Group”. They have been hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, swimming at the beach, and played paintball.  He enjoys getting people outside of the Northern Virginia bubble to do things they wouldn’t normally get to do.


Jesecca Huynh | Foundations


Jesecca’s passion is to share the amazing adventure of walking with Jesus with other people. She is a former staff member of Youth With A Mission Montana (YWAM), and served as a Missionary for 10 years, volunteering in various projects with churches in the United States and the Caribbean. Jesecca moved to Washington DC in 2012 when she married her husband Cuong Huynh (who accepted Jesus in Capital Life in 2009). Cuong and Jesecca and their daughter Lucie Mei love to go eat Vietnamese pho noodles and spending time with friends.