Vision & Mission


Loving God and equipping people in the DC Metro area as together we impact our world for Jesus Christ.




Christ in You

Every believer reaches their full potential through an intimate relationship with Jesus and a working knowledge of God’s Word. Capital Life Church guides new Christians through their first steps of faith, and leads seasoned Christians on to the next steps in their walk.


Christ in Your Relationships

No one thrives alone. We all need good friends to share happy times with and to strengthen us during challenging times. Capital Life Church inspires meaningful relationships built through small groups, service both inside and outside of church, and with a wide variety of church events.


Christ in Your Influence

We all walk in different circles and touch the lives of others in our everyday lives. Capital Life Church strives to equip each person with the knowledge of God’s Word and the passion of the Holy Spirit to be a witness of God’s love in our spheres of influence.