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As the prayer ministry of Capital Life Church, we are committed to prayer and intercession for the local church body, church leadership, and those in need. We lift up the name of our Savior on others’ behalf and build one another up through the peace and power of the Holy Spirit. We teach others to pray by example, teaching, discipling, corporate prayer and altar ministry. Our mission is to inspire and encourage a meaningful prayer life for each church community member.

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Edi Ekasi-Otu

A few weeks ago myself and a friend where waiting in line at the mall for his food to be prepared. A lady popped up behind us out of no where. We weren't sure if she was just looking at options or looking to get in line, but we took the opportunity to ask her if she needed any prayer. She responded that she did because she was a chaperone from San Fran for a large group of students and was concerned about safety and the overall trip. We prayed for her right then and afterwards her countenance had changed. She looked more at peace than when we first meet her. It goes to show that we can truly use any opportunity to bless others at any moment! I hope that encourages someone to have the boldness to act as the spirit leads.

Received: March 4, 2018

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