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As the prayer ministry of Capital Life Church, we are committed to prayer and intercession for the local church body, church leadership, and those in need. We lift up the name of our Savior on others’ behalf and build one another up through the peace and power of the Holy Spirit. We teach others to pray by example, teaching, discipling, corporate prayer and altar ministry. Our mission is to inspire and encourage a meaningful prayer life for each church community member.

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Tina M Cook

When I was living overseas in UZ I had one really tough year with a co worker. I prayed that in the next teaching year I would have a Christian friend closer ( I did have friends on Sunday but no one in my work place.. most were not believers) In the beginning of the year at a welcoming party two new people joined us and one clearly came up to me and said I heard you have a church group can my husband and join? I couldn't believe how clear this was. I was the art teacher and she was music. Our director had decided on top of this to move our rooms closer together for convience for the students. This person became a main support for me that year. there was a second person sent who was also a close friend who also became my kids friends and lived in walkable distance from our house. I now had prayer friends in within the school and were able to pray in tough days together. I was extremely thankful for their support and we had the most amazing year of teaching and feeling Jesus in our presence and decisions at school. My prayers in UZ were answered higher than my expectations.

Received: July 10, 2018

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