There are many different ministries and needs at Capital Life Church. All of our volunteer opportunities have rotating schedules to ensure that no one becomes overly committed. If any department resonates with you, click the serve button below or send an email and get connected!



Prayer Ministry

Get alerted to prayer needs in the body. Come on Sundays at 10:00am to cover the Spectrum prior to the service. Also, inquire about prayer partner opportunities during the service.
Contact: Carl Cabading | prayer@capitallife.org

Kids Life

Help us share our faith with our children in a service specifically tailored to them.
Contact: Emily Salazar | emily@capitallife.org


The Greeting ministry is all about being a smiling face with a warm welcome to every guest of Capital Life.  As a greeter we are the first ones people meet, a full representation of who Capital Life Church is.  Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and hope we don’t send anyone running for the door!
Contact: Lauyren Lewton | greeters@capitallife.org

Hospitality Table

The Hospitality ministry does more then brew a mean pot of coffee.  Our goal is to make each and every person coming through the door feel like they’ve walked into the home of a friend. No Batista experience necessary. Serve up refreshments and help create the inviting Sunday ambiance.
Contact: Joel & Shontel Cunnings | coffee@capitallife.org

Connections Ministry

We always want guests to feel at home here at Capital Life. We get to know newcomers after the service and host guest brunches to make them feel welcome and introduce them to our leadership team.
Contact: Lauyren Lewton | connections@capitallife.org

Creative Team

Our work with the media, web, print, design, video etc…
Contact: Jeff Abyad | volunteers@capitallife.org

Life Groups

To start or learn more about small groups and activity groups.
Contact: Alan & Vanessa Sims | lifegroups@capitallife.org


Serve meals for new parents, ill members, and at special events.
Contact: Sarah Odesanmi | meals@capitallife.org

Worship Ministry

Serve the Lord with your musical talents.
Contact: Jeff Abyad | jeff@capitallife.org