The meals ministry provide meals for people who are going through a time in their lives when they can not make or provide food for themselves. We are told to help and serve others. This is a great way to get connected and do that. Once we have established contact with the family in need, a schedule is set up. The schedule for each family in need is usually a 1- 2 week period, so there is not that many days to fill.

The meals team receives an email stating all the details about the family as well as the link connecting them to the schedule. Once they click on the link they can choose a day that fits them best and decide how they would like to provide to the family.

Here are some ways to participate.

  • Through the website you can buy and send a meal.
  • You can call the family and arrange take out for them.
  • You can make a meal and take it over.
  • You can pick up a ready made meal from a restaurant and take it over.
  • You can also work with a friend and share the making of a meal and take it over.

You don’t have to sign up every time. That said. It doesn’t happen every month either. We do understand that people are very wide spread out and it is not always possible to take a meal every time. We do want to encourage every one that signs up to become part of this ministry, to realize this is still a place to serve and the gratification and appreciation is an amazing reward.



Ministry Director
Annelie Holet

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