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As the prayer ministry of Capital Life Church, we are committed to prayer and intercession for the local church body, church leadership, and those in need. We lift up the name of our Savior on others’ behalf and build one another up through the peace and power of the Holy Spirit. We teach others to pray by example, teaching, discipling, corporate prayer and altar ministry. Our mission is to inspire and encourage a meaningful prayer life for each church community member.

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Caitlin Wright

I went to David's Tent tonight for their Sunday Service that they do and we broke up into small groups and were declaring the amazing things from Psalms 103 over each other.

The first group I was with when we got to verse three the guy I was praying over in my group, I received the word neck so I prayed for his neck but wasn't quite sure it was his neck I was supposed to be praying for. When we stopped I asked if he had any neck pain and he said no. So I asked my group and this girl Jeanette slowly raised her hand.

Turns out she had an accident about 2 years ago. Her neck wasn't bothering at the moment but she said the pain comes and goes. We prayed for that pain to be gone and never come back. As we were praying for her neck another girl came up and laid hands on her back. Turns out her back had been really stiff and she said after we prayed that her back felt much better!

When then had this girl Megan asked if we could pray for peace over her cause she said her mind was just spinning. I received God saying that he has her back. I told her I don't know if you are unsure of something or whatever the case is but he wants you to know that he has your back no matter what. Turns out she is moving to Harrisonburg soon and really needed those words of encouragement.

God is such an amazing, loving, faithful and and will always be there for us all no matter what! Praise Jesus!

Received: February 27, 2018

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