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As the prayer ministry of Capital Life Church, we are committed to prayer and intercession for the local church body, church leadership, and those in need. We lift up the name of our Savior on others’ behalf and build one another up through the peace and power of the Holy Spirit. We teach others to pray by example, teaching, discipling, corporate prayer and altar ministry. Our mission is to inspire and encourage a meaningful prayer life for each church community member.

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James Abyad

You guys! I got healed during second service on Sunday, Sept 23, when Pastor Dave was in town. He had a response time at the end but also specifically prayed for those that needed healing. If we needed healing, he asked us to place our hands on the area that needed it. I placed my hand over my shoulder. No crazy feeling at the time other than a tangible awareness of God’s presence in that service!

I injured my rotator cuff sometime in August. I had some pain that wasn’t going away so after two weeks I went to the doctor who put me on a heavy ibprofin regimen and said to not lift or do any weight related things for 4-6 weeks. He also gave me a physical therapy routine which required a lot of supplies and was for three times a day. Needless to say, I think I only did that once or twice. Well on Sunday morning, before church, I was at the gym with friends to cycle; I tried the bench press (just the bar) to see how I was feeling and that pain was still there even with only the bar. I figured I’d finally break down to buy the physical therapy equipment. Then I went to church from there.

On Monday, I tried the bench press and there was no pain; I even added some weight, still no pain. And today I did a workout with weights and still no pain!

This is a big deal for me as I don’t think something like this has happened to me specifically even though I’ve seen it happen countless times in other people’s lives. 🙂 Not sure how to properly communicate the blessing that this is. So I figured it would be a great testimony to share!

Received: September 26, 2018

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