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We are so glad you’ve found your way to the Worship & Creative Team page! Below you’ll find important links to get involved and stay connected, as well as contact information for all of our amazing leaders. 

Worship & Creative Links


Worship and Creative welcome link
Welcome Packet

Joining our team? Here’s everything you need to know. And we mean everything. Read it and save it to reference later.   

Worship and Creative vision link
W&C Vision

Here’s why we do what we do and how we do it. Read it. Own it. Live it. (Feel free to download to read at bedtime or to share with your friends.)

Worship and Creative application link
Download the Apps

Download the mobile technology you need to succeed. These apps will be your new favorite. 

Worship and Creative welcome link
Worship Application

If you’d like to join the worship team (voice or instrument) fill this out and email it to us before your orientation interview. 

Leadership Commitment form
Leadership Commitment Form

We do what we do as worship to the Lord under the covering and vision of Capital Life Church. If you feel called to join our team please sign on the dotted line

Capital Life Bylaws
Church Bylaws

Some thrilling reading for a breezy afternoon. These are the church bylaws referenced in the Leadership Commitment Form. They do not need to be committed to memory. 

Worship & Creative Team


Worship & Creative Pastor

Jeff Abyad | jeff@capitallife.org
As Worship Pastor, Jeff is a great resource for information on anything and everything related to Worship & Creative Ministry, as well as a go-to source for tips on making great coffee at home. Also, if video editing, web design, or graphic design is up your alley, reach out to Jeff!

Audio Visual Director

Keane McBride | keane@capitallife.org
Have you always wanted to make a stage look great with lights, stand behind a camera, or help out with production, but also haven’t wanted to quit your day job? Ask Keane how you can have the best of both worlds and volunteer on the AV team!

Team Administrator

Christie Chea | worship@capitallife.org
As someone who loves to ask lots of questions herself, Christie would love to answer yours. Whether it’s a query about auditions, W&C nights, band scheduling, or any other team admin matters, Christie would be happy to give you an answer (or at the very least, a good referral).


Worship Director

Mario Martinez | worship@capitallife.org
If you need help logging into multitracks, have a question about planning center, or want to learn how to project your voice without a microphone, Mario is your guy.

Vocal Director

Tiffany Barrans | vocals@capitallife.org
Looking for a vocal resource? Have a question about vocal scheduling? Want to see a cute picture of a dog named Van Gough? Talk to Tiffany.

About Worship & Creative

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