Worship on Rotation.

Are you looking for creative ways to worship at home? If you use Spotify or Apple Music, subscribe to our “On Rotation @ Capital Life” playlist so you can listen and worship along with the songs currently on rotation at Capital Life Church! Below are many of the current (and some of the upcoming) songs that we sing during Capital Life services.

Currently Singing.

Subscribing to these playlists is a great way to fill your days with worship and come to church ready to sing along! We update them regularly so that you can always know what songs we are singing at church. Whether you are with us in person, at home or somewhere in between, join us as we lift up songs of worship together!

There's More!
Watch, share and subscribe

What's coming.

Whether you are preparing as part of the Worship team, or you are just a go-getter who likes to know things ahead of time--hungry for more new worship music, we've created these playlists on Apple Music and Spotify full of songs we are prayerfully considering using in our Sunday Services. Enjoy!

Kids Corner

We are on the lookout for new team members to support our kids in person and online. We are unable to create new digital content right now, but plan to in the future with  your help! Let us know if you'd like to join our team and serve the next generation.