The Bible: Life's Guidebook

Jan 22, 2023    Dr. Bill Shuler

The Bible is the world’s best selling book but for many it goes unopened. Today Pastor Bill takes a look at why the Bible is like no other book.

The Bible in Four Acts:

Act 1: Creation

Act 2: The Fall

Act 3: Redemption

Act 4: Restoration

The Bible:

40 biblical authors

Written over 1500 years

3 Languages

3 Continents

2 Timothy 3:16

Five Questions:

1. Was it written by a Prophet of God? 2 Peter 1:20-21

2. Was the writer confirmed by an act of God? Hebrews 2:4

3. Does it tell the truth about God?

4. Does it have the power of God?

5. Was it acceptable to the people of God?

“The teachings of the Lord and his apostles were considered self authenticating and authoritative from the days they were first spoken/written. As the apostles died off, orthodox Christians continued to use the writings of the apostles as authoritative. The Church did not establish a canon of its own choosing; it is more proper to speak of the Church recognizing the books that Christians had always considered to be an authoritative word from God.” Professor Ken Bending

Joshua 1:8