2022 Giving Campaign

We are so excited for the greater impact we will be able to make with this year's Make Our House Our Home giving campaign! After all we as a church have accomplished year-by-year making our Capital Life Church facility such a lovely and inviting place to be, we are finally able to direct some focused attention to our sanctuary that will make big improvements both in person and online.

All the money we raise this year will go towards improving the physical and technical sound in our sanctuary to make the message and worship cleaner and clearer.

Our goal from now through mid-November is to raise $25,000.00 to go towards replacing our outdated wireless technology, updating audio hardware, and most of all installing new acoustic treatment in the sanctuary.

If you've simply tried having a conversation in our wood-saturated sanctuary you know the challenges we face with modern amplification and live instrumentation. Our amazing teams have done an outstanding job working around the room, making the messages and worship as clear as we can, but that has not been easy. The improvements we will make will remove so many obstacles that you may not have even realized were there and take us one step closer to bringing our amazing facilities up to date.
Thank you for joining us in this faith-filled, fund raising endeavor. Every dollar given will go towards this much needed project. When you give, select the category "HOME." We will make sure it gets to the right place. Thank you for your generosity, and for partnering with us to see the message of the gospel reach the DC Metro area and beyond!
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