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2022 Giving Campaign
by Jeffrey Abyad on September 24th, 2022
We are so excited for the greater impact we will be able to make with this year's Make Our House Our Home giving campaign! After all we as a church have accomplished year-by-year making our Capital Life Church facility such a lovely and inviting place to be, we are finally able to direct some focused attention to our sanctuary that will make big improvements both in person and online. Our goal fr...  Read More
Giving Tuesday
by Jeffrey Abyad on November 29th, 2021
#GivingTuesday is an international generosity movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform our communities and the world! Give any amount today and share this page. We believe God has already released the provision we need so that Capital Life Church can continue to have Kingdom impact -- through you! Whatever the amount is, sow a seed of faith and trust God with the rest.  Read More
Give to Capital Life
by Jeffrey Abyad on July 17th, 2021
Partner with us so that we can continue to cover operating expenses and impact our community with the love of Christ in meaningful ways. Ask God how He might be calling you to give toward this deficit and towards further Kingdom impact here at Capital Life....  Read More
Amazon Smile
by Jeffrey Abyad on May 11th, 2021
You only need to make your selection once, and Amazon will remember it the next time you log in. Just don’t forget to always begin your shopping at  Read More




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